Hello and welcome to KHI. We're happy to see you here. KHI is the world's largest patient IKH organization. If you have made your way here today because you are either a patient or a family member of one, please give our intro articles a read. If it feels a bit scary right now, don't worry - we're here to help, and you're not alone:

FREEBIE: Blood Glucose Guide

What is it?

The Blood Glucose Guide is a Microsoft Word template that makes blood sugar and ketones easy to understand for your child's institutions and teachers. It acts as a visual guide on how to react in any given KH-scenario, handling children with ketotic hypoglycemia.

How do I use it?

Using the guide is super easy. Simply download the guide right here on our website, modify the information inside so that the info is right for your child, and hand it over to your institution or teacher. That's it!

Scientific Advisory Board


Our Scientific Advisory Board is here to assure that our patients and members of the group are speaking with a voice backed by the latest science in the field of blood sugar and endocrinology.

Henrik T. Christesen, MD, PhD

Odense University Hospital


Paul Thornton, MB, Bch

Cook Children's Medical Center

United States

David A. Weinstein, MD, MSc

Passage Bio

United States

Pratik Shah, MD, PhD

The Royal London Childrens Hospital, London

United Kingdom

Terry Derks, MD, PhD

Beatrix Children's' Hospital

The Netherlands

About our foundation

Uniting the Families

KHI was launched on a variety of social media platforms in an effort to connect with families from across the globe. The interest from families affected by IKH was significant and had been left in limbo with no recognized specialists to reach and no patient organization.

Supporting the Families

The Facebook page for KHI, has been exceptionally successful, leading to the formation of a closed Facebook group with more than 600 families from all over the world seeking support in only nine months.

You're in great company


Our organization is not only a great place to join up with other parents and patients who will have walked a day in your shoes, we also have members who work hard at some of the world's most reputable medical organizations.