Board of Directors

Jacob Sten Petersen

DMSc Professor, Denmark – Board Member

Head of the Stem Cell R&D at Novo Nordisk (Corporate Vice President). From 2010 Adjunct Professor in Biomedicine Copenhagen Medical University. Jacob is a biochemist and Doctor of Medical Sciences who today oversees Novo Nordisk’s Stem Cell R&D activities. He is also Chairman of Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) Denmark since 2017.Previous areas of responsibility in global research at Novo Nordisk includes therapeutic area head for diabetes, stem cells obesity and NASH.

Besides numerous presentations at international conferences, published approx. 60+ papers in peered reviewed journals mainly on topics of diabetes prediction, prevention, and intervention but also on beta-cell biology, physiology and immunology.

Over the course of more than two decades, Jacob Sten Petersen has researched multiple chronic diseases, contributing to the approval of five licensed medicines in the process.

International prices: Young Investigator Award 1998 Scandinavian Society for the study of diabetes.

Austin Carrigg

Board Member, United States

Austin Carrigg is the mother of two children who have been diagnosed with Ketotic Hypoglycemia. Although her daughter was diagnosed as the first patient with a new genetic change for Glycogen Storage Disease her son’s cause remains a mystery.

Austin has been helping others find their voices for nearly a decade. Her experiences span complex medical needs, adoption, surrogacy, military life, and finding accessibility in an inaccessible world. She has been nominated as a Military Spouse of the Year in the United States and is a Heroes at Home Awardee in recognition of her fierce advocacy for families utilizing Medicaid and Tricare.

Andreas Segerros

MSc, MBA, Denmark – Board Member

Andreas, a biochemist and financial MBA, has spent most of his career in global pharma, with executive positions (R&D, Marketing and Business Development) in the US, Europe and Japan, at Pharmacia & Upjohn and Ferring. 

His venture capital experience comes from being Venture Partner and Partner with the Scandinavian group Sunstone Capital. Andreas has made numerous investments in successful companies and has been CEO for a venture capital backed start-up in the eHealth area; Clinitrac.

Andreas will enter the function as the treasurer on the board, taking care of the fundraising- and economic

Kitty Madsen

Board member, Faroe Islands

Kitty is a mother of six children and where two of them are diagnosed with Idiopathic Ketotic Hypoglycemia, she has the experience of life. 
When her two youngest got the diagnose, she found out how little knowledge there was about ketotic hypoglycemia in the health care system all over the world. This she wants to change. 

She has experienced the burning need of helping ketotic hypoglycemia families going through the struggles in everyday life. Kitty is fighting to provide the best care for her children. 

Her aim is to lift the daily burden for the patients and families, by enlightening the world of the stressful responsibility you have caring for a child (or multiple) 24/7 who is suffering from ketotic hypoglycemia.


Nick Rasmussen

Digital Advisor, Australia

Nick works as a Partnership Manager at Envato, an online marketplace that sells creative resources, such as fonts, videos, photos, website templates and illustrations, in Australia. 

Nick has been the muscle power and wizard behind this union, from the early idea to the final establishment. 

He has done all the graphic set up on the webpage, created the KHI logo and has facilitating the executive director with knowledge about networking, Social Media, Google Analytics, LinkedIn, WordPress, the English language and much more. 

Danielle Drachmann

Executive Director, Denmark

Danielle Drachmann is the mother of two children diagnosed with idiopathic ketotic hypoglycemia. When her youngest was diagnosed, they started looking at the family-genetics. It turned out she too was suffering from ketotic hypoglycemia. 

She founded this union with the goal of uniting experts with patients worldwide, create a family-support network and help facilitate better general understanding of KH, better treatment options and more and better research. 

Current work goals are: Creating a cornstarch nutritional feed and get KHI up and running. Danielle has a BA in Social Education, and currently finishing her Master in Anthropology of Health.