Digital annual conference, 2022

We are now ready to share the conference date for the 2022 Family Conference in Ketotic hypoglycemia international. On June 11-12 we will digitally unite medical experts, industry partners, and families from all over the world to advance the understanding of idiopathic ketotic hypoglycemia.
It’s digital, it’s free and it’s safe!
Last time, we united more than 1000 people from 65 countries. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to take part in the revolution.
Maybe you have questions for the medical experts? Take the opportunity to submit a question in the registration form – we will direct all of the questions to our Scientific Advisory Board Henrik Christesen, David Weinstein, Paul Thornton, Mary-Elizabeth Patti, Joseph Wolfsdorf, Terry Derks, and Pratik Shah.

Program from the conference in 2021

The first annual conference in Ketotic Hypoglycemia International was held in February 2021. The conference united families, healthcare professionals, industry partners and medical experts for the first time.
With more than 1000 registrations from 65 countries, we dare to state that the first conference was an immense success! 

Take a look at the program, and revisit the scientific presentations at the Ketotic Hypoglycemia International YouTube Channel. This year, we have added a blank space for all attendees to add in their questions for the medical experts in our scientific advisory board, so we can tailor the program to the requests and questions of the attendees. To ensure just as vibrant and dynamic a conference as in 2021, we will make sure to make space and time for live panel discussions and Q&As. 

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to submit your questions, in the registration form here