glycosade in glass


Glycosade is the name of the “extended-release cornstarch” often used to manage certain metabolic disorders, including ketotic hypoglycemia, by providing a sustained release of glucose.

It is a type of modified cornstarch that has been designed to break down and release glucose slowly and steadily over several hours after ingestion.

This slow metabolic conversion helps to maintain blood glucose levels over a prolonged period, which can be particularly beneficial during fasting periods, such as overnight, or between meals.

A stabilizer

Glycosade helps in preventing hypoglycemic episodes by providing a stable and extended source of glucose, ensuring that blood sugar levels do not drop dangerously low during fasting periods.

It is typically administered under the guidance of healthcare professionals to ensure appropriate dosing and monitoring, and it plays a crucial role in the dietary management of conditions that affect blood glucose stability, thereby helping to maintain energy levels and prevent hypoglycemic crises.