Welcome to our new Board Members

Two new board members, Anders and Nicole, were elected in our recent general assembly, joining Danielle, Jacob and Jovana. 

Nicole Bøttger Jensen (DK)

I am married and a proud mother of three wonderful children. They all have IKH.

Professionally, I am working as a nurse for 10 years now on a ward that specializes in diabetes, hormonal disorders, and kidney diseases. In addition to my clinical duties, I have the privilege of serving as a coordinator and quality manager in the department.

My passion for helping and supporting people goes beyond my clinical work. I dedicate a significant portion of my time to engage with Ketotic Hypoglycemia International and its work. I am passionate about advancing the mission of the association and I will try to do everything I can to strengthen our community.

Anders Frederik Enevoldsen (DK). I live with my wife, our 13-year-old son, and daughters aged 8 and 2. All three of our children have IKH. In addition to IKH, our son William has type 1 diabetes and autism. I myself also have IKH.

I am studying Business Economics and Information Technology part-time at Copenhagen Business School and work at Scandlines on the Gedser-Rostock route. Additionally, I am also a board member in the leading board of a housing association and a lay judge at Østre Landsret.I have volunteered as cashier, having previously handled this role in various associations, including at my local electoral association