Receiving The 2022 Young Patient Advocate Award – Interview

Earlier this year, KHI’s founder, Danielle had a chance to sit down with EURORDIS to discuss the importance of why we need to involve young people in research, advocacy, and patient awareness early on. This was in relation to the Black Pearl awards.

During the interview, Danielle was asked the following questions:

  • You were the recipient for the 2022 Young Patient Advocate Award — what impact did the award have on your work as a patient representative and what did it mean to you?
  • Why is it important that achievements in the rare disease community are recognised and celebrated?
  • Why should young people submit a nomination or enter themselves for a Black Pearl Award?

If you want to see what her responses were, read: Celebrating our rare disease stars: an interview with young patient advocate Danielle Drachmann.

Watch an excerpt from the interview below: